James Addison

I have been working with web/software businesses since 1999; architecting, developing, implementing scalable systems and building teams to achieve business goals.

I have started and co-founded a number of companies, learning along the way. I enjoy sharing with others, as bidirectional mentorship is a very rewarding experience.

Follow and send me a message on Twitter, or via email. Seriously, connect and get in touch.

I like to talk about startups, business ideas, processes, and technical topics like code, infrastructure and best practices. I enjoy working on open source projects, and have released a number of my own projects as OSS.

I have worked on B2C, B2B, two-sided marketplaces, crypto projects (smart contracts, coins, mining proxies), security software, and digital imaging software & services.

I'm married with two kids and live in Victoria BC, on Canada's west coast. Getting out into nature is a favourite activity.


I enjoy working with businesses to help them achieve their goals. Sometimes that is product focused, sometimes team related.

My current hourly rate is $150/hr USD. Contact me to discuss how we can create a good fit between us.