James is a Canadian living on Canada's west coast. Interested in tech, code, startups, and being awesome. Leading tech efforts at ChatterBlock, OneWed, and SeafoodX. Top-notch Dad, subjectively speaking.

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Juce Communications First Impressions

If you’re not aware, there’s a bit of a tussle going on with regards to internet service pricing here in Canada. Given the situation, I thought I would explore other options - of which there are not very many in Canada, and fewer still here in Victoria, BC.

A like-minded friend recently switched from the local cable internet incumbent Shaw to a new local entrant by the name of Juce Communications. Although only recently started, he’s happy with the service and pricing - and he’s got a thing against Shaw. So, he’s advocating others move to Juce …

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Default Image Loading in Email Clients

A quick post, just to ask the question: did email clients like iOS/OSX Mail and GMail change to displaying images by default (as opposed to blocking them) simply to make open stats in email list tools like Mailchimp more impressive than their competition?

If I’m not mistaken, Apple was the first major player to make this move. (Correct me if I’m wrong!)

If true, it’s a clever way to manipulate businesses to shift marketing resources to focus more on the Apple crowd.

If false, they did it to provide a better user experience, I surmise. That …

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My Startup Failure, 20 Lessons Learned

No one wants to talk about their failures, yet it’s the most important way to learn and improve. Learning through doing is more about making mistakes as it is about repetition. The key is to look back and review: the post-mortem.

It’s a part of the startup game and it’s important to know that in the world of startups, failure is the norm - not the exception. When you join a startup it’s important to acknowledge that you’re going to be out of your comfort zone.

In mid-2006, I joined what would become a failed startup …

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Writing Habit Challenge

Writing is hard. Writing well is harder.

I’ve tried blogging before, but didn’t develop the necessary habit. I know that writing will help me learn as well as teach others. What better reasons are there?

I’m using Scrivener as my blog post planning and drafting tool. It works well as a single contributor tool - and seeing how jamesaddison.ca will only ever be my writing, it suits me fine.

This blog runs on Python-based software called Pelican and is currently hosted on Github. This setup is not for the non-techie. The design is intentionally kept simple in …

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